2021 Annual Meeting

October 20th

6:30pm - 8:00pm


Meeting ID: 857 4172 3300


Meet our Board and Staff

Highlights from the Year

Volunteer & Business Partner of the Year

Feature Presentation: Gretchen Bersch

My Amazing Journey with Daisy Lee Bitter & Her Book: Alaska's Kachemak Currents

Gretchen and Daisy Lee

Naturalist in the Classroom

CACS natrualist reviews intertidal invertebrates in a Hoomer classroom.CACS Naturalists can deliver presentations and hands-on activities right to your classroom! Propose a natural history or life science topic and we'll send a naturalist to enrich your classroom with an animated and knowledgeable guest speaker.

Classroom presentations and activities we have done in the past include topics such as:

Marine Ecology: Guided Beach Hikes near your school, Life in the Intertidal Zone, The Fab Four Phyla, Whales of Alaska, Plankton, Sea Ducks, Reef Ecology, Marine Adaptations, Marine Food Webs, Alaska Seaweeds, Marine Debris, and much, much more.

Forest Ecology: Guided Forest Hikes near your school, Human Uses of Plants, Bark Beetle Attack, Birding, Forest Wildlife, Winter Forest Ecology, Snow Science, Forest Adaptations, Forest Food Webs, and Invasive Plants.

Wetland Ecology: Slough Stew-Wetland Functions, Wetland Wildlife, Freshwater Macroinvertebrates, Stream Ecology, Wetland Plants and more.


Program Length: 1-2 hours

Program Dates: Available upon request throughout the school year

Program Price: $2 per student or $50 per class

How to Book: Call 235-6667 to request a naturalist visit


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