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Spark the curiosity of your students in the autumn outdoors by taking a 2 hour field trip to the changing spruce forest, wildflower meadows and bogs of the Wynn Nature Center. These programs take an interactive approach to studying habitats, animal and plant adaptations and ecosystem interdependence and are developed in tight accordance with the Kenai Peninsula Borough learning standards.

Program length- 2 or 4 hours (1 hour for kindergarten)

Program dates-September-October and January-March

Program price-$75 per 2 hour class

Contact to book a program- Shannon Moore (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.)                          907-235-6714


Fall Field Trip Themes by Grade Level

  • Kindergarten: Alaska Animal Adaptations and Exploring the Five senses
  • First Grade: Animal Habitats & Predator-Prey Relationships
  • Second Grade: Plant Habitats & Characteristics
  • Third Grade: Plant & Animal Survival, Camouflage and Food Chains
  • Fourth Grade: Plant & Animal Relationships, Food Webs
  • Fifth Grade: Plant and Animal Life Cycles and Diversity
  • Sixth Grade: Forest Succession or Plant & Animal Behaviors

** Special program on Dena’ina Traditional uses of Plants and Animals available upon request.

Winter Field Trip Themes

  • Winter Animal Adaptations
  • Winter Plant Adaptations
  • Snowshoeing
  • Winter Survival
  • Snow Science
  • Night Hike and the Winter Sky

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