Easy Activity Sheets and ID Guides for Outdoor Learning

Most of these activity sheets are intended for K-6 learners, though could be adapted for use with older students.

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Activities for K-3rd grade learners:

Activities for 4th-8th grade learners:

Activities for High School Audiences:81 XL

  • Intertidal Scavenger Hunt (Explore Bishops Beach during low tides-August 31st-September 4th and September 15th-20th)
  • Wilderness ER and Medicinal Plants-Matching Activity-For this activity, have students match the relevant medicinal plant(s) with the wilderness ER scenario.  If possible, go outside to search for the plants or collect small samples.  
  • Macroinvertebrates-Forests and Freshwater - This activity is best done in late spring, summer, or fall.  Use small fish-tank nets to scoop macroinvertebrates from freshwater. Collect samples of soil and organic matter from the forest floor. If you place these samples in a funnel (or plastic bottle cut in half, with the lid off) and shine a light at the top of the sample for a few hours the macroinvertebrates will tend to crawl out the bottom of the funnel.  Put a jar there to collect them.  Don't forget to check the funnel regularly, since being under the light for a long time can stress the macroinvertebrates, and treat the macroinvertebrates with respect!  Return the macroinvertebrates and samples to where you collected them when you are finished.

Guides and Additional Resources:


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