Sea Ducks of Alaska

Journey into the world of sea ducks with a hands-on Activity Guide for 4-6th graders

Sea Ducks of Alaska Activity Guide This hands-on activity guide offers activities that explore the unique adaptations of sea ducks and their role in the marine and fresh water food webs; provides an opportunity to research one of the 15 species found in Alaska;and looks at some of the conservation issues surrounding the health of the sea duck populations in Alaska.

A set of 8 species identification cards are included for help with your class research projects and a set of 12 “Sea Duck Trading Cards” are included with the supplement. These cards will be useful for quick identification of waterfowl.

Download the entire curriculum here.

Or download individual activities and resources:

Sea Duck Survival
Waterfowl Web of Life
Become an Expert
Conservation Issues
Activity Guide Flyer
Activity Guide Cover
Sea Duck Species Cards
Trading Cards
Sea Duck Outline Appendix

Teaching Kit


Teaching Kit

A Teaching Kit is available for use with the activity guide. Included in this dynamic kit are the materials for completing activities, a class set of high quality student binoculars, models of some of the sea ducks, books and resources to help your students learn more about sea ducks, and a power point presentation you can share with your class.

Also available is a Sea Duck Traveling Display which can be set up at your school or organization for use with your sea duck educational efforts.

Contact us for reservations.  Other teaching kits are also available. 


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