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Spirit of Alaska Women at Fantastic Friday

Alaskan women have a lot of amazing stories to share.  As a descendant of Alaskan homesteaders myself, I can really appreciate the unique conditions and experiences that can be told by women who have spent a good amount of time in this great state, some even before it was a state.  A book about their stories became the topic of a recent Fantastic Friday event at the Wynn Nature Center on Skyline Dr.  Ladies from the Homer chapter of the Association for Family and Community Education, a former Cooperative Extension program, brought their new book filled with Alaskan tales to share with the public at this free event.  The storytelling women arrived in Alaska at various times between the 1950's and the 1970's and many had spent time living in the bush.  They told their own histories as well as read excerpts from the book on topics ranging from preparing salmon to the 1964 earthquake.  The stories were lively and well-told and through them the women exhibited why their newly published book was titled "Spirit of Alaska Women."  A special appearance was also made by long-time local, and namesake of the cabin at the Wynn Nauture Center, Daisy Lee Bitter.

IMGP7260 small

The book featured at Fantastic Friday and some handcrafts made by a few of the authors.

IMGP7262 smallbw

The ladies of the Homer Association for Family and Community Education.

IMGP7263 small

Telling their stories about arriving in Alaska.

 IMGP7266 smallbw

Daisy Lee Bitter, a long-time Homer resident and Naturalist.

Guests at Fantastic Friday not only learned local history through storytelling, but also saw personal photos and memorabelia from the womens' experiences. The book, which was compiled and edited by the women of the Family and Community Education program, is for sale at the Center for Alaskan Coastal Studies headquarters and the Wynn Nature Center.  It is a worthy and entertaining read for anyone who takes pride in being Alaskan and the proceeds support the activities of the volunteer women.

IMGP7274 small

Demonstration Alaskan-made dancing fans.

IMGP7278 small

Alaskan women showing their Alaskan spirit!


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