At the Saturday Market

This is Lindsey Shelley from the Wynn Nature Center.  A couple weeks ago I got the chance to take some program materials to the Children's Garden at the Saturday Farmer's Market.  I had a great time making leaf necklaces with kids, sharing my enthusiasm for observing nature, and challenging visitors to reach inside my "Touch n Feel" boxes and guess what was inside.  I had some very observant kids who really knew how to use their senses to figure out the mystery objects.  Thank you to all those who came by to visit on that rainy day and participate in the activities!  Below are a few photos from my station.

IMGP6805 small

Science and crafts at the Children's Garden at the Farmer's Market.

IMGP6809 small

Observation is a skill enhanced by magnification!

IMGP6811 small

I brought the Carl E. Wynn Nature Center to the Saturday Market.

IMGP6812 small

These girls made very colorful leaf necklaces.

IMGP6814 small

Could you have identified the objects in these boxes by touch alone?

I also wanted everyone to know that we'll have two more Naturalists coming down from the Wynn to set up a Saturday market table during the next two weeks.  Each week will have different activities, so be sure to stop by.  Summer kids programs will be coming to a close in just a couple weeks at the Wynn Nature Center now that we are into August.  Only the Knee-high Naturalists story hour on Friday's will continue into the Fall.  Check out this website under Summer Youth Programs to see what we have to offer.  Hope to see you up at the Wynn before the leaves turn colors!


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