Wildflowers at the Wynn

The flowers are finally in bloom up on the hill above Homer.  The Wynn Nature Center abounds with a variety of habitats for wildflower viewing.  If you're looking to discover tiny woodland blossoms like Pink Pyrola or our unique Heartleafed Twayblade Orchid, now's the time!  You can also venture up to the Wynn to see the showy Nootka Lupine, Chocolate Lily, or Wild Geranium that are just entering their prime blooming period.  Cooler weather at our higher elevation means that plants are a bit slower to mature and so you can extend your flower viewing season by visiting the Wynn.

IMGP6221 smallcopy

The Alaska state flower:  Forget-me-not!

If you're not sure what flowers you're looking at, ask a Naturalist at the Daisy Lee Bitter cabin at the Wynn, go on a guided nature hike, or come by on Tuesday night from 5-6pm for a free local plant indentification walk.  Topics during the local plant walk focus on a couple different families of plants each week.  You're bound to learn something you didn't know about plants living right under your feet!  Questions are welcome about other plants as well.  Here are a few photos of flowers blooming right now along the trails. 

IMGP6252 smallcopy

Heartleafed Twayblade Orchid

IMGP6271 smallcopy

Nootka Lupine showing its hidden keel petal and pollen.

IMGP6474 small

Trailing Raspberry and a tiny Wood Fern.

IMGP6482 small

Wild Geranium

IMGP6483 small

The infamous Chocolate Lily (also known as Northern Rice Root).

IMGP6484 small

Valerian beginning to bloom.

IMGP6489 small

Alaska Violet...one of two violet species at the Wynn Nature Center.


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