Trip to Peterson Bay

My name is Rachel Paleg and I am from Silver Spring, Maryland. I will be entering my senior year this fall at Albert Einstein High School. I am interning this summer at the Center for Alaskan Coastal Studies, which has been an incredible adventure. Last Friday, I had the extraordinary opportunity of embarking on a day tour to Peterson’s Bay. We went on a hike to Moose Head Point, where we saw many types of birds, otters, and a diverse range of plant life. Our naturalist, Joanna, knew so much about the bay and made it a really fun and engaging hike. I absolutely loved the trail.

My favorite part was all the blueberry bushes that bordered the trail which provided a tasty snack along the way. We then got to explore the Touch Tanks, which contained numerous amounts of sea stars and other tidal creatures. I loved the sunflower star, which I learned can grow up to 24 legs! It was an incredible day, and I learned so much about the environment and wildlife here. Peterson’s bay is such a unique and natural place, and I felt really proud to intern for a place that worked hard to educate and inspire others to have a positive relationship with the environment. In the afternoon, we went on a fabulous kayaking adventure. There is nothing like being surrounded by clear, blue water and colossal mountains; it was so serene and beautiful. As we were kayaking, we saw many otters, one that was only a few hundred feet away! The leaders were also very knowledgeable and passionate about what they were doing, which made the trip extremely enjoyable. This, by far, was the best day yet on my journey and I cannot wait for the many more adventures to come.


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