Spring Extravaganza

    The whirlwind that is the spring season at Peterson Bay, China Poot, and Kasistna Bay has come to a standstill.  The calm after the fun storm is a time to reflect and share the moments we will never forget.  Through sleet, snow, rain, rocks, plants, and low tides we explored the unique environments of Kachemak Bay.  Each site possesed a certain charm that made for great outdoor experiences.

Kasitsna Bay Sunset

Sunset at Kasitsna Bay

 China Poot Scenic Photo

China Poot Bay

  Some participants came to the ACE program after researching a particular intertidal organism and were determined to find them during the two days of tidepooling.  We had one group where every student found the invertebrate that they had researched, they helped eachother find that organism, and felt comfortable sharing their knowledge with everyone around them.  This passion spread like a wildfire through us all.  The enthusiasm and sense of wonder brought by students renews that wonder within yourself. 

Otter Rock 2015

 When it comes to tidepooling, you never know what you might find...


 Daisy Brittle Star

Sunflower star holding 2015

   Sunflower Sea Star

Crab Camo

Decorator Crab

 Opalescent Nudibranch 

Opalescent Nudibranch

These are just a few marine invertebrates that we found this spring, each organism is as interesting as the next.  However, the tidepools weren't the only places we took school groups.  The ACE program includes forest ecology hikes, because the land and sea are inextricably connected.

Lost and Found Lake 

Lake views...

Goats Beard

Having fun with nature!


 Carnivorous plants in the bog

Overall, I'd say our spring season was a great success!  Thank you to everyone who came out and participated in the ACE program.  Without you all, I would not have had the opportunity to experience this truly beautiful place and see all the life it holds.  I encourage everyone to explore the world around you, because no matter where you are in this world, the environment has many secret wonders waiting to be discovered.




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